Year compass

For several years now, apart from Samhuin, December has been the month when my family sits down together to reflect on the past year and we take time to define our goals for the year ahead.

We do this reflective exercise with the help of Year Compass, which is a free booklet designed by a bunch of beautiful humans. The project began in Hungary, gained popularity in 2012, and now has over 400 volunteers working on the project. The booklet has also been translated into 52 languages, which is fabulous.

We usually engage with this activity accompanied by mugs of hot chocolate, gentle lofi music in the background and a pile of lebkuchen, for a more hyggelige experience of snugliness at the darkest time of the year.

It is always reassuring to look over the previous year and see how much I have actually accomplished despite the curveballs life has thrown at me, or have a quiet chuckle at goals I thought I wanted but abandoned, as I realised along the way they were not as meaningful and fulfilling as I had first hoped.

I always achieve more than I think. This is why it is a good idea to have a written record of goals and achievements, especially if you have a memory like mine.

Although, some goals never materialise despite our best efforts. For example, in 2020 I wanted to travel.

Then lockdown happened XD

So while I did not get to travel to Italy, I have been learning Italian, thanks to Duolingo, which I have been doing for 566 consecutive days.

Also, an Italian deli opened in my town, so Italy came to me, instead! : )


There were also events in 2021 I could not have predicted.

For example, I had no idea I would become involved with the worldwide health concept of Laughter Yoga, study Laughter Yoga for my postgraduate research, become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and create an online at-home 30 day wellbeing journey, which will be available in 2022.

At the beginning of 2021, I did not know Laughter Yoga even existed.

So, I am very excited about the infinite possibilities and opportunities that abound in 2022, that I am totes unaware of right now.

I know I just have to be courageous enough to take risks, open my big mouth, take action towards goals that align with my values and observe how the year unfolds.

After a recent webinar on Acceptance and Commitment Training, I would add it is important to be present, be open and take action. Or as I have re-worded it to be more significant to me: POP! Be Present. Open. Playful.

How can you be more present, open and playful right now?

What action can you take today to move in the direction of your most meaningful goals?

If you don’t know what is most meaningful to you, perhaps check out the VIA character strengths questionnaire, so you can authentically align your goals with your values.

May you follow the direction of your heart compass with ease and may you have a successful, peaceful and healthy 2022, whatever that means to you.

Onwards and LOLwards xXx

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