The Invisibles

In the UK, we recently celebrated Mother’s Day which inspired this post. “How moms shape the world” is a fabulous talk that evoked a rollercoaster of emotions, as Anna tells the story of three ‘invisible’ women who raised men who made a positive difference in the world. Used as scapegoats in society, women are sometimes … Continue reading The Invisibles

Cultivating atomic habits

Which of your existing habits are life-affirming and which habits get in the way of you achieving your current goals? Atomic Habits, by James Clear, is an awesome book that explains how to develop small healthy habits, to help you flourish over the long term, and how to overcome unhelpful habits. James supports his claims … Continue reading Cultivating atomic habits

Time for reflection

As a curious human and contemplative coach, I make time to reflect on my thoughts, words and actions instead of ploughing headlong through life without much thought to how I am navigating my experiences. There is always something I could have done differently, which might have obtained different results than the ones I achieved. For … Continue reading Time for reflection

Cycle awareness

This post is not about mindful cycling. These are my musings on being mindful of the menstrual cycle. Even if you don’t have a menstrual cycle to contend with, you probably know someone who does. So, this post may still offer new insights and encourage you to be more understanding about the physiological and psychological … Continue reading Cycle awareness

Just say “YES” to REST!

Do you often feel fully rested? …relaxed? …rejuvenated? Or do you believe you don’t have time to rest? …or do you think: “Rest is for lazy people” That’s what my mother told me once as a throwaway comment. But, because I didn’t want to be labelled “lazy”, I pushed myself constantly, refusing to listen to … Continue reading Just say “YES” to REST!

Year compass

For several years now, apart from Samhuin, December has been the month when my family sits down together to reflect on the past year and we take time to define our goals for the year ahead. We do this reflective exercise with the help of Year Compass, which is a free booklet designed by a … Continue reading Year compass

Promise and Place

I don’t make promises. I’ve watched too many films where promises were broken and so were hearts. But, Nancy Kline discusses one particular promise in her latest book that I am devouring: I love her books because they are both educational and enjoyable, unlike some arduous research articles I have encountered that were the equivalent … Continue reading Promise and Place

Mind your Qs and Fs

(5 minute read) Three questions (Qs) you could ask yourself when setting new goals: What do I want? Why do I want it? How do I get it? These three questions could be used for selfish gains that benefit only yourself and may provide temporary happiness, or they could be asked to achieve something that … Continue reading Mind your Qs and Fs

Your future self

(7 minute read) I have a quote on my fridge as a reminder that everything we think, say and do today affects tomorrow: Do something today your future self will thank you for. ~ Sean Patrick Flanery (apparently, or an American real estate agent : D) It’s not just our individual lives that are affected … Continue reading Your future self

Post traumatic growth

(3 minute read) What I appreciate about my positive psychology course is that it is NOT Happiology! Students are encouraged to look critically at positive psychology and explore the complex messiness of all human emotions as integral to our wellbeing journey. In modern times, happiness has been prioritised and other more negative feelings and emotions … Continue reading Post traumatic growth


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