Your future self

(7 minute read) I have a quote on my fridge as a reminder that everything we think, say and do today affects tomorrow: Do something today your future self will thank you for. ~ Sean Patrick Flanery (apparently, or an American real estate agent : D) It’s not just our individual lives that are affected … Continue reading Your future self

Post traumatic growth

(3 minute read) What I appreciate about my positive psychology course is that it is NOT Happiology! Students are encouraged to look critically at positive psychology and explore the complex messiness of all human emotions as integral to our wellbeing journey. In modern times, happiness has been prioritised and other more negative feelings and emotions … Continue reading Post traumatic growth

…and breathe…

(6 minute read) The word psychology originates from logos, meaning the study and use of, and psyche ie., “breath, energy, consciousness, soul or spirit” (Edwards, 2008, p. 132). Yet I was taught nothing about the breath on any of my psychology courses. However, I think quality breathing could be considered an effective positive psychology intervention … Continue reading …and breathe…

Coming to calm

(6 minute read) I recently completed a 5 week coming to calm course by the lovely Tamsin Hartley (author of The Listening Space, which is a useful model to work with metaphor and clean questions in a coaching session. See my blog post on The Listening Space). I don’t know why I decided to participate … Continue reading Coming to calm


(6 minute read) Do you have much to laugh about these days? I don’t know if you have heard, but a pandemic has created a global economic and health crisis, and as of writing it has been almost one year since the first national lockdown in the UK. Happy Anniversary! Yet, it doesn’t seem like … Continue reading PsychLOLogy

Search for Meaning

(6 minute read) Search no more. I devoured Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning in one day. I highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially if you are finding this dystopian existence disheartening. Therein lies a message of hope that you do not need to be a victim of external circumstances, as Viktor Frankl explained … Continue reading Search for Meaning

The Listening Space

(6 minute read) I was impressed how Nancy Kline’s Thinking Space enriched my coaching practice and my personal relationships, so I was excited when a friend recommended The Listening Space by Tamsin Hartley. Based on clean language and incorporating mindfulness, it is a process of using metaphors on a path to personal discovery. I am … Continue reading The Listening Space

Cartesian questions

(6 minute read) Cartesian questions are accredited to Descartes, who was the “I think, therefore I am” chappy. He was also a notable polymath (can’t relate) and had a wide knowledge and expertise of soooo many subjects. He must have been either absolutely fascinating, or an utter bore, to listen to! He is also known … Continue reading Cartesian questions


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