Laughter Yoga

Learn more about laughter yoga from Celeste Greene:

So, you may have watched the video, but the best way to appreciate the benefits of laughter yoga is to participate!

Just as going to the gym once won’t give you the physique of Terry Crews and watching Wimbledon won’t turn you into Serena Williams, so the long-term benefits of laughter yoga will become more evident when engaging in a regular, fun practice.

Enjoying laughter yoga for 10-15 minutes each day provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as an aerobic workout.

Laughing also activates and relaxes the same muscles used in ‘sit ups’, which is great news for your core musculature!

Even a one minute “laughie” enhances wellbeing, which can have a positive impact on your day. You can check out how to create a “laughie” here.

So go on, make laughter yoga part of your daily physical exercise.

Laughter Yoga usually starts with a warm and friendly welcome and an explanation of laughter yoga and its benefits.

When participating in laughter yoga for the first time, laughing purposefully with no humorous trigger may seem awkward. But, self-generated laughter often leads to spontaneous and contagious laughter, if you allow yourself be present, open and playful.

The following video briefly demonstrates the layout of a session so you know what to expect:

Onwards and LOLwards xXx