To Do or Ta Da? – that is the question!

(2 minute read)

Coaching is great because it can help you become more proactive, hold you accountable for what you want to achieve and ultimately you can accomplish more and hopefully live a more satisfying and meaningful life as a consequence.

However, according to Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching doing all the time and striving to constantly change your world is unwise and exhausting:-

Sometimes you work hard and sometimes you rest;
Sometimes you’re strong and sometimes you’re weak;
Sometimes you’re up; sometimes you’re down.
The sage remains sensitive, avoiding extremes, avoiding extravagance, avoiding excess.”

~ Translated by Brian Browne Walker, 1996, ch. 29

Thus, in those luscious moments of wei wu wei or doing not-doing or acting without acting that Lao Tzu is a huge fan of, I guess that could be a good time to rest and ponder your Ta Da list, instead of expanding your to do list.

What is a Ta Da list?

While it is important to look forward in order to motivate you to achieve meaningful goals, your Ta Da list is a record of accomplishments that can increase positive affect, shift your perspective and broaden your thinking : )

For example, a friend mentioned they had experienced a very difficult week where nothing went well or according to plan. Yet when we untangled the fact that it had not unfolded as expected, but the week had been very productive and fruitful and impacted positively on others, their negative emotions and feelings that the week was wasted shifted into a sense of accomplishment, positivity and satisfaction. Their week had meaning and purpose and this added to a sense of wellbeing.

It was such a powerful transformation that I now list my Ta Da moments in my nightly journal, because I am especially prone to overlooking the small mundane things I do regularly that actually make a difference in people’s lives and it also makes me feel more grateful when I acknowledge them, which increases my wellbeing.

hug postcard by Kate Elford

My greatest Ta Da recently was inspired by a friend who sent me a postcard. It was such a joy to receive a cute image and uplifting message that I invested in 15 hug postcards by Kate Elford on Etsy and paid the gesture forward to more of my friends, who also experienced joy and gratitude at receiving unexpected, uplifting messages. They have all said they look at their cards daily and it makes them smile every time : ) And that makes me smile : )

What will be on your Ta Da list today?

Onwards and hugwards xXx

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