Time to Think changed my life

(3 minute read)

I love the fact someone I have never met had such a powerful impact on my life. So, I am very grateful that Nancy shared her stories in Time to Think.

We never know the effect our stories and random acts of kindness have on other people. Even if you think it was only a smile you shared with a stranger, you will never know the full impact of that smile and how it reverberated throughout the rest of that person’s day and social interactions.

Such is the gentle, but powerful, effect of kindness. But, that is surely a topic for another day.

So, what is this blogpost about then?

This blog is about the power of one’s environment, the quality of one’s listening and how questioning can evoke positive change.

What makes this so important?

I am sharing this because creating a thinking environment can improve relationships and sense of wellbeing. It is something that can be applied in any situation, e.g. at work, home or even in a supermarket queue.

Implementing the 10 components of a thinking environment can improve quality of thinking, which can impact behaviour and actions. Once I held a thinking environment and didn’t speak at all for 5 whole minutes. But the power of my silence and holding that quality thinking space was enough to allow quality thinking and solutions to emerge that had previously been inaccessible to my client, who was then able to take action to help someone else.

Would you like more peace and less drama in your life?

The thinking environment is straightforward. In theory. Although, I won’t say it is necessarily easy in practice (e.g., there is only so long that even I can devote my full Attention to my youngest talking incessantly about manga and anime).

But, that is why boundaries are also important. To save our sanity! Although my youngest will carry on talking at me even after I have left the room.

my notes from Nancy Kline’s Time To Think

Nonetheless, since actively creating a thinking environment at home, our relationships have improved and my youngest is less oppositional because she knows she will always be heard.

How can you create more time to think today?

Onwards and THINKINGSPACEwards xXx

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