Time for reflection

As a curious human and contemplative coach, I make time to reflect on my thoughts, words and actions instead of ploughing headlong through life without much thought to how I am navigating my experiences.

There is always something I could have done differently, which might have obtained different results than the ones I achieved. For example, if I had not offered to help someone out when I was short on time, which was exhausting and took much longer than expected, then I might not have felt so tired and could have accomplished more of my own tasks!

Feeling particularly pensive, as I am about to embark on exciting new adventures and reflecting on my life journey so far, I thought I would share one of my favourite models of reflection by Gibbs.

Photo by Anna Galimova on Pexels.com

Reflection is great because we can learn to understand ourselves better, but only if we are honest with ourselves.

We can grow from our experiences, but only if we are willing to explore new perspectives and take action to make (hopefully positive!) change.

Reflection is powerful only when accompanied by actionable steps.

Practice makes progress and even teeny little changes can make a big difference.

How can you reflect on your experiences and take one baby step to create positive change?

Onwards and LOLwards xXx

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