Post traumatic growth

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What I appreciate about my positive psychology course is that it is NOT Happiology!

Students are encouraged to look critically at positive psychology and explore the complex messiness of all human emotions as integral to our wellbeing journey.

In modern times, happiness has been prioritised and other more negative feelings and emotions demonised, so much so that we have to remind ourselves “it’s ok not to be ok”.

Our emotions are always trying to communicate something to us.

Maybe if we stopped to listen instead of suppressing, self-soothing, or denying our feelings and emotions, we would be able to lean into the discomfort, hear what our body and mind are telling us and then take action to shift our states sooner.

Post traumatic growth is an interesting subject I have encountered both in theory and in practice! The longer we are on the planet, the more chances of us experiencing trauma. Take 2020 for example, the global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns had a massive impact on people’s mental health. Yet George Bonanno reckons most people are a lot more resilient than they think they are : )

What is post traumatic growth?

PTG is the ability to integrate traumatic experiences and still move forward.

However, this does not mean the person miraculously overcomes trauma, such as the loss of a loved one, as PTG can even co-exist with PTSD symptoms.

Loss is a natural part of life.

Grief is a natural response to loss.

You can even grieve the loss of someone who is not dead.

Grief is not pathology; grief is a sign that you loved.

This fabulous, funny, and frank TED talk expresses life, love, loss, and PTG beautifully.

What can you grow from today?

Onwards and growthwards xXx

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